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When I grow up
I want to be an Indian Chief.

Heart break made me wanna die but I never did.

—Atmosphere (The Number One)

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I won’t trust you again
Getting better at choosing friends
This time the loser wins
Cause I learned how to cut off the looser ends

—Atmosphere (via dirtybaykid)

You were easily one of the best people I’ve loved

—Atmosphere (Flicker)

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Treat love like a limited resource, fight for it like there’s never gonna be more.

Atmosphere, Bitter (via weirdcyde)

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I know a lot of people
But not many that I trust
And out of those I trust,
Not many I would touch
They say I walk in circles,
But I write it line by line
And if I don’t really know you,
I’mma lie and say I’m fine

—Sean Daley

The problem with love, is that it lives in a book now.
The problem with drugs is that they’re too fuckin’ good now.
The problem with logic is there’s too many loopholes.
And the problem with truth is that it’s usually brutal.
The problem is I can’t trust most of what I see.
So fuck it, all the problems of life must be me.

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Maybe I need somebody that could save me from the parts of myself that keep making me crazy.

—Slug, "If I Was Santa Claus" (via weirdcyde)

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I bet you hate every man that you date
And you’re probably addicted to all types of escape

I bet you hate every man that you date
And you’re probably addicted to all types of escape

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Nobody sees tears when you’re standin’ in the storm

—Atmosphere (via bluedevil951)

I used to be young, dumb, and full of vision.

Slug, “Brief Description” (via psilolysergicamine)

Sometimes the weeks fly a little too fast. And sometimes I go to sleep a little too trashed. Other times I’m not sittin’ on enough cash. And other times today feels too much like the past.

—Atmosphere, Little Man (via weirdcyde)

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